I am incredibly privileged to spend my time helping to empower my patients by improving their function and appearance.

My approach is to listen to your concerns and find out more about you, including your medical, personal and work circumstances. I will then decide with you if surgery is indeed the best solution at that point in time. This process will take at least two consultations, if not more.

I will only offer you surgery if I am certain that you are fully informed of the benefits and risks, and that you are a suitable candidate for this- both from a physical and psychological point of view.

If I do believe that you would benefit from surgery, then I will offer a tailored surgical plan that aims to be as minimally invasive as possible – aiming to produce as natural a result as possible.

If you do decide to go ahead, then a subsequent consultation will be necessary (at least two weeks later) to discuss the plan in more depth. This will also give you the opportunity to explore any questions that may still be unanswered.

You will be fully supported after the operation with regular reviews, and out-of-hours telephone access if you have any queries or concerns.

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